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Orchard County Sparkling Wine Coolers

Discover why the wine coolers you make at The Brew House are the best wine coolers available anywhere

Your wine cooler is made using a quality white wine as a base.
We then add only the best quality fruit flavourings to give your cooler that real fruit taste
Your coolers are carbonated and contain 5.5% alcohol by volume.
We are certain that you will find them refreshing and enjoyable.
As always, you take absolutely no risk when you choose The Brew House. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!
  • The price for each kit is $118.00 each.
  • Each kit produces 23 litres.
  • The price includes all taxes, but does not include bottles.
  • Your order will be ready to bottle in approximately 5 weeks.

They are available in Passion Fruit, Pomegranate, Cranberry, Wildberry, Raspberry, Stawberry, Hard Lemonade, or Vinoka Ice.

Vinoka's Sparkling Apple Cider

Want to enjoy something a little different? Vinoka's refreshing and cool; first-class sparkling cider will fill the spot of the 'un-beer' for the home brewer and winemaker. Your cooler is carbonated and will yield 23 litres and takes only five weeks from start to finish.

The Cooler making process…

  • Upon your first visit you are required to add the water and yeast to the wine kit.

  • From there it is placed in our temperature controlled fermentation room. Once fermentation is complete (3 to 4 weeks) the wine is filtered and stabilized. Then we add the flavouring and sugar. Sweetness levels can be adjusted, but must be mentioned at the time of purchase.

  • It is then transferred to the cold room where it awaits for your phone call. We will carbonate your cooler forty-eight hours prior to your bottling appointment.

  • Your expected completion date will be listed on your invoice and you must call to set-up a bottling appointment. We do require a minimum 72 hours notice to ready your cooler for bottling.

  • Any type of bottle that will hold a carbonated beverage will do. Or if you wish to purchase new bottles, we have several different varieties to choose from.

  • Because the Wine Coolers have been stabilized their shelf life is not dependent on temperature. However, a cool spot is still recommended.

  • Serve chilled or over ice.

Flavour Mixes

PASSION FRUIT - This very popular flavour is a delicious medley of Passion Fruit, Mango, Papaya, Pineapple and sweet Orange, with a fragrance and taste that make you feel like you're in the Tropics. Its lush, exotic flavour is outstanding as a sparkling Cooler! (return to list)

POMEGRANATE - One of our natural fruit flavours that marry well with a red grape concentrate base, which is offered in the delicious Wine Cooler. You'll love its comprising character and engaging fragrance. (return to list)

WILDBERRY - An insatiable blend of northern berries, including the unique Loganberry, is found in this delicious Wildberry Wine Cooler. The Wildberry Wine Cooler, finished medium sweet, is very flavourful with the white wine base in our kits. It can also be made with a red wine base, with which it will be full and bold in character. Grab your parka! When you sip this frosty berry medley, you'll feel like you're in the North. (return to list)

RASPBERRY - Raspberry's deep red, full, vine ripened flavour creates a delicate acid balance found in Raspberry Wine Cooler. Our kit contains a white grape concentrate base, but try it with red! They are excellent on their own or with chocolate desserts! (return to list)

CRANBERRY - The Cranberry Wine Cooler is excellent for special occasions, festive turkey dinners and summer barbecues. This flavour should also be tried with a red concentrate base! (return to list)

STRAWBERRY - Fresh picked off the stem, the sweet, ripe flavours and aromas of this shiny red berry are carefully transferred into the Strawberry Wine Cooler. Add a dash of sunshine to any occasion by sharing these pick-me-ups with friends! (return to list)

'A chip off the old block', Vinoka's Ice is the popular lemon-vodka drink that you can make yourself! You may even think it's Smirnoff, but it's not. It tastes like a carbonated light Vodka Ice drink with lush flavours of citrus fruits. It's a fabulous blend of natural ingredients. (return to list)

Lemonade Wine Cooler is just what you are imagining…refreshing lemonade with a kick. This slightly sour gold nectar of the Gods is thought to be a great source of vitamin C, but you won't find it at your local lemonade stand! (return to list)

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