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In our continuing efforts to make things more convenient, we are excited to announce new changes to our product sizes.

Beer is now available in a "two case" format, you can now make two cases, four cases, six cases or even a seven case batch size. To start we will be offering Koors, Pilsner and the Wight's Red in the two and four case sizes, all other varieties will be available in the six and seven case format. Two cases of Koors will be $44.00, two cases of Pilsner will be $45.00 and two cases of our Ricard's Red copy recipe will be $47.00.

Wine will also be available in a 15 bottle batch size. To start we will be offering two 15 bottle batch size varieties, the World Vineyard Australian Chardonnay and Australian Zinfandel/Shiraz, both at $75.00 each.

It's our hope that this will appeal to those who find six cases of beer or 30 bottles of wine just a little too big. We also hope that this will make it a little easier for a first time customer to experience making their own beer and wine.

Make as little as 2 cases of beer at a time

2 case equivalent of Koors Lite $44.00
2 case equivalent of Pilsner Lager $45.00
2 case equivalent of Wrights Red $47.00

Two, Four, Six or Seven case batch sizes are now available!


Make 15 bottles of wine

World Vineyard Australian Chardonnay
and / or a
World Vineyard Australian Zinfandel / Shiraz

$75.00 each

Award - Winning Winemakers Choose Winexpert Brands
September 16, 2008 - In 2008, wines made with Winexpert products won a total of 458 medals at three major competitions: The 2008 WineMaker International Amateur competition (271 medals), the Indy International (124 medals) and the HWBTA competition (63 medals).
Vintners Reserve, the Original Wine Kit. Bigger. Better.
June 27, 2008 - Introducing the new 10 Litre Vintners Reserve wine kit. New look, new size, better quality, better wine. By adding more juice to our kits, wines made with the new Vintners Reserve delivers an even better quality wine
Award - Winning Winemakers Choose Winexpert Brands
June 24, 2008 - At the 2008 WineMaker International Amateur competition, wines made with Selection, Vintners Reserve, World Vineyard and Island Mist brands were awarded a total of 271 medals -The most ever for Winexpert brands. Once again, our “New Millennium” Sparkling wine kit took home Best of Show honours in the sparkling wine category <<more>>

Chocolate Raspberry Port is Back!
June 11, 2008 - Winexpert is pleased to announce that for a limited time and by pre-order only, you can make and enjoy not one but two wonderfully delicious great seasonal products this year <<more>>


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