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Make your own and pay only half of the commercial price.
Works out to only $19.00 to $22.00 per case (24 X 341ml).
All the taste at half the price!

A batch makes 48 litres which is equal to 6 cases of commercial beer (140 X 341ml bottles).
Some batches are now available in a "two case" format. You can now make two cases, four cases, six cases or even a seven case batch size. Click here for more information.

It’s usually best to set-up a brewing time.

It takes approx. one hour and forty-five minutes to brew a batch. If you don’t always have the time to brew, take advantage of our “Brew for You Service.” Just phone in advance (a minimum of two hours notice is required). Tell us the recipe you would like us to brew and the time you will be able to come in and add the yeast. Stop in at the set time and pitch the yeast, sign the invoice, pay and then be on your way. It’s that easy!

It’s a two week process before your beer will be ready. However you do not have to come exactly two weeks from your brewing day. Depending on your schedule you may book a bottling appointment for three or four weeks after your brewing day. However, we do request that you bottle your beer within two months. Your beer will be carbonated 24 to 48 hours before your scheduled time. Therefore you must set up a bottling appointment. It generally takes one hour to bottle off a batch.

Almost any style of bottle is acceptable. You can bring your own, or purchase new bottles from us.

The beer you make is all natural and is not pasteurized, therefore you must keep it cold. A fridge is best, and under 55f / 12c is a must.

For special occasions or large parties you may take the keg and a draft set-up at no charge.

Available Beer Recipes

Light (4%) Recipes
Becker's Light
Canadian Lite Lager
Koors Lite
Lite with Lime
Low Carb Lager
Ultra Lite Lager
Regular (5%) Recipes
Brand “X”
Brew House Ale
Brew House Lager
Brewers’ Gold
Block Lager
Canadian Ale
Canadian Lager
Cream Ale Lager
Czech Pilsner
Dam Fine Lager
Dry Amber
Dale’s Dynasty
Dynasty Regular
German Ale
German Lager
German Lager Plus
Hey Maybel
India Ale
Jenson’s Lager
Light Lager
Meaty Lager
Newfie Lager
North Country
Old Veranda
Pat’s Preference
Pearl Lager
Pilsner Lager
Red’s Ale
Red Dot Ale
Stella Czech
Weizen Krystal
Premium (6%) Recipes
Alpine Lager
Ausi Lager
Brew House Black
Coles Amber Pils
Continental Lager
Dark Weizen
Dubies Brew
English Ale
Gentlemen’s Brew
German Bock
Guelph Ale
New Guinness
Honey Brown
Lazy Lager
Lusty Lager
Mason's White
Niagara Lager
Northland Lager
Octoberfest Ale
Premium Dry
Quest Lager
Rebel Ale
Two Gem Ale
Two Gem Plus
Wessel Czech
Wheat Beer
Wrights’ Red

Beer Styles and Descriptions

A Typical:
Similar to:
Canadian Lager Style

is straw in colour, lightly hopped with light body

Labatt’s Blue,
Molson Canadian

Canadian Ale Style

is straw to gold colour, with good hop character and medium body

Molson’s Export,
Labatt’s 50

British Ale Style

is gold to copper in colour, with full hop and malt flavour

Double Diamond,
Bass Ale

Continental Lager Style

is straw to gold in colour, well hopped with a full malt body


Porter Style

is dark brown to black in colour with medium hop and medium body. Its darkness is derived from roasted malt with a taste ranging from mild to sweet

Molson's Porter,
English Mild Ales

Stout Style

is black in colour with a full hop and roast barley taste and a bitter aftertaste


Wheat Style

is any beer brewed with a significant wheat component. Generally lightly hopped but colour may range from pale to dark brown

Cream Ale/Lager Style

is pale in colour, light in body, low to medium bitterness with a low hop flavour

Dark Ale or
Continental Dark Style

is dark copper to brown in colour. Has a full hop and malt flavour with a smooth to sweet aftertaste

Newcastle Brown,

European Lager Style

is amber to deep copper in colour with a light to medium body and low to medium hop flavour

Pale Ale Style

is pale to deep amber or copper in colour. Has high hop bitterness with medium hop flavour and body

Available for the do it yourself home brewer

Barons Premium Beer Kits offer you 7.5 litres of high quality concentrated wort to get you underway to creating a natural beer of outstanding flavour, ready to brew with conventional brewing equipment, with no need for boiling! Barons is defined by superior ingredients, state-of-the-art processing and unique user-friendly packaging which preserves product freshness.

With Barons, we handle the preparation of premium malt, hops and water. We even throw in a special add pack of finishing hop pellets, allowing dry-hopping for extra aroma and a further hint of flavour. You handle the rest – and it couldn’t be simpler.

Barons offers a range of popular North American styles in addition to a selection of premium microbrew styles that offer full aromas and flavours for the discerning beermaker.

See how easy it is to brew a high quality, deliciously refreshing beer with Barons Premium Beer Kits!

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