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The Brew House Waterloo, offers the finest service and production for your beer, wine and cooler needs. We also carry a wide selection of home making equipment.

The Brew House is the first “on premise” facility in the K-W area. Operating since 1988, we pride ourselves in offering…

  • Extremely friendly staff
  • A large and very, very clean facility
  • Great parking
  • Carry in and out service
  • Winexpert Kits, the finest kits available on the market
  • The largest inventory of beer ingredients allowing us to offer over 50 different beer recipes
  • Air conditioning
  • And the never ending desire to remain the number one store in our area

Our Facilities are state of the art, offering:

  • 10 stainless steel brewing kettles
  • 4 automated wine bottling stations
  • 2 pneumatic corkers
  • 2 dishwashers designed specifically for your bottles with 31 jets each
  • an automated shrink sealer
  • a canning system complete with a six-packer

Our mission is to source out and provide the highest quality products available. This allows us to provide you with only the very best to make your wine and beer with.

Exceptional products
Exceptional value
Outstanding results

All of this in an atmosphere that is friendly, clean and welcoming.

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